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Modern buildings are constantly evolving, making it harder to design building services. With so many nuances and components, analysing the big picture is really complex. CAMEL+ calculates the design heating and cooling loads, and associated psychrometrics for air conditioning plant in buildings.

The program is an extremely comprehensive analysis tool that is utilised by thousands of users throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

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Accessible anywhere, ACADS-BSG’s latest software solution CAMEL+ is now in the Cloud. CAMEL+ is one of the leading air conditioning load estimation programs available. The calculations are based on the AIRAH Design Application Manual DA09 Air Conditioning Load Estimation. This incorporates the cooling load estimation techniques and data originally developed by the Carrier International Corporation, extended upon and refined by AIRAH.

 CAMEL+models a range of system types including:

  • Constant volume or variable air volume heating and cooling systems, with or without zone reheat
  • Reverse cycle heat pumps and VRF systems
  • Direct and indirect evaporative coolers
  • Air to air heat exchangers and humidity control systems

Each AHU can serve a number of zones which can in turn have a number of rooms.

A Summary Screen enables reviewing the input and copying moving and deleting AHUs, zones, and rooms.

Graphical displays are provided for schedules, shading schemes and for each external wall or roof as it is entered providing a convenient visual check for the user.

The External Surfaces Screen

Overhangs, Reveals and Other Shading on Walls and Windows

CAMEL+ caters for overhangs complete with drop panels and reveals on both windows and walls. Shading on roofs and from adjacent buildings can also be modelled.

Drop panels, balconies, light wells and all manner of shading schemes can be modelled by the program.

Overhangs and drops can be opaque or partially or completely transparent.

The shadow patterns of these shading devices can be viewed as they traverse any selected wall or roof as the time and month varies.

Shadows from an Overhang, Reveals and an Adjacent Building.

A very comprehensive set of results including summary tables of loads and air quantities, load charts, tables of check figures, etc. is provided and these can be selected using a series of check boxes, pull down lists and/or user-defined templates.–-Grand-Total-Heat-for-Selected-Months-640x296.png

Graphing the Results – Grand Total Heat for Selected Months

The results can also be displayed graphically and a psychrometrics chart is provided for each AHU.

AHU Psychrometric Chart

Other Features of CAMEL+
  • CAMEL+calculates chiller, AHU, zone and room cooling loads and air quantities, boiler, zone and room heating loads, and reheat quantities with and without coil reset and room temperatures.
  • Comprehensive help is available on every screen and for each item of input.
  • Buttons on the toolbars and special keys allow the user to copy individual values, columns of data or complete screens from zone to zone, speeding up the data entry process. There is a facility for making global changes for many items, making re-runs quick and easy; e.g wall types, room conditions, absorption coefficients, etc., can be changed across all AHUs.
  • CAMEL+ performs an hourly cooling load analysis, taking into account thermal storage on a design day in each month of the year. It also determines the heating load for each AHU.
  • Specific monthly 3 pm design dry and wet bulb temperatures are available in the program for over 600 locations in Australia and for many other locations.
  • CAMEL+ carries out a psychrometric analysis for each AHU with the coil performance expressed as a bypass factor, leaving coil temperature or nominated air quantity including fixed air coil bypass systems.
  • Fresh air quantities can be entered at room or zone level as l/s/person with the “plant” fresh air quantity then determined using the Multiple Compartment Formula from AS1668.2-2012 for multiple rooms/zones.
  • Additional data for light weight roofs (down to 10 kg/m²) has been incorporated. This allows CAMEL+ to analyse buildings with light weight metal deck or similar roofing.
  • Precalculated U values and surface densities for a wide range of “standard” wall and roof constructions are available in the program.
  • Walls orientations can be at any azimuth and the entire building can be readily rotated.
  • The results viewing and printing screen provides for selection of various tables, load charts, summaries, etc, in either viewing or printing mode. The selected output can then be passed to a print file for review before final printing. Templates enable print selections to be retained between runs.

Engineering Simplicity

Stop getting bogged down in complex calculations. Design the appropriate building services with ease.

With over 6000 customers using ACADS-BSG tools every day, our software is making life easier, project by project, and our communities are being transformed with new and more complex buildings all the time. With the right tools, calculating, designing, sizing, and refining building services systems that deliver performance and efficiency has never been easier.

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The user interface for HYENA+ is much cleaner and more user friendly than the UI used for the original HYENA program. This makes the experience more enjoyable, easy, and less taxing when using the program for long periods of time. HYENA is an excellent tool to have and its now web-based nature with HYENA+ has allowed it to become even more beneficial.

– M. Cummings

It has always been a pleasure dealing with ACADS-BSG team due to their helpful nature and quick response time to any inquiries and technical issues. Camel\Hyena works out of the box and install time is in seconds, I cannot recommend any other company that provides better customer service other than Catherine and her team.

– Marvin D

Catherine and the team at ACADS provide customer service of the highest standards always offering the best solutions for our business with fast response times. I would highly recommend ACADS-BSG.

– Amy

The ACADS BSG suite of software has been used by VOS Group for 30 years. We as a company have grown as the software capabilities have changed with usability and technology. The support from head office has always been quick and accurate, with a resolve to overcome any obstacles. We have always found the outputs to be accurate and reliable and a good basis for good engineering design.

– Shayne C

Moving to a cloud based platform has improved the overall performance of the software. [being able to log in from any device] has improved my overall productivity as I only need to carry my smart phone or a tablet, and I can do my job remotely. Tools and functions are clearly organised within the new interface reducing any confusion for a new user. Copy+ Paste option saves a lot of time for Engineers like me. It just works like an Excel Sheet, where you can copy items and paste them somewhere else. It saves a lot of time especially if you are working on a single project and you want to do multiple calculations.

[HYENA+] allows me to quickly switch from one calculation to another without losing any data. This has reduced the overall lead time in doing calculations. I am sure [HYENA+] will have a positive impact on the Fire Industry.

– Ahkil M