Megnus Games

August Puzzle: What Am I?

The August noodle-scratcher is as follows:

I have only two words but thousands of letters. What am I?

July Puzzle: Probability

The July noodle-scratcher is as follows:

Suppose I flip two coins, without letting you see the outcome, and I tell you that at least one of the coins came up heads, what is the probability that the other coin is also heads?

Answer: 1/3

June Puzzle: What Are We?

The June noodle-scratcher is as follows:

Decapitate me and all becomes equal. Then truncate me and I become second. Cut me front and back and I become two less than I started.

What am I?

Answer: The word Seven.

Solution: seven
even (equal)
eve (2nd person, according to the Bible)
v (Roman numeral five; two less than seven)

May Puzzle: What Are We?

The May noodle-scratcher is as follows:

We hurt without moving. We poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our size… What are we?

Answer: Words.

April Puzzle: Odd One Out

The April noodle-scratcher is as follows:

One of these words does not belong: Which is it and why? Brawl, Carrot, Change, Clover, Proper, Sacred, Stone, Seventy, Swing, Travel.

Answer: Carrot

March Puzzle: What Am I?…

The March noodle-scratcher is as follows:

They can be harboured, but few hold water. You can nurse them, but only by holding them against someone else. You can carry them, but not with your arms. You can bury them, but not in the earth…What am I?

What am I?
A Grudge.

February Puzzle: What Am I?…

The February noodle-scratcher is as follows:

I can tear down mountains, or build them up; I can blind a man, or enable him to see… What am I?

What am I?
Answer: Sand.

December/January Puzzle: Where in the World…

The December/January noodle-scratcher is as follows:

I live without a body, hear without ears, and speak without a mouth, to which the air alone gives birth…What am I?

What am I?
Answer: An Echo.

December’s Puzzle: Where in the World…

The December noodle-scratcher is as follows:

I have cities, but not houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have coasts, but no sand. What am I?

What am I?
Answer: A map.

November’s Puzzle: Hot tempered.

The November noodle-scratcher is as follows:

My thunder comes before the lightning. My lightning comes before the clouds. My rain dries all the land it touches.

What am I?
Answer: A volcano

October’s Puzzle: Not in any other month.

The October noodle-scratcher is as follows:

I belong in the month of December, but not in any other month. I am not a holiday.
What am I?
Answer: The Letter ‘d’

September’s Puzzle: Pick a card, any card.

The September noodle-scratcher is as follows:

A small number of cards has been lost from a complete pack. If I deal among four people, three cards remain. If I deal among three people, two remain and if I deal among five people, two cards remain.
How many cards are there?
Answer: 47 cards

August’s Puzzle: What is the number?

The August noodle-scratcher is as follows:

There is a three digit number where the second digit is four times as big as the third digit, while the first digit is three less than the second digit.
What is the number?
Answer: 141

July’s Puzzle: Friends

The July noodle-scratcher is as follows:

The water level in a reservoir is low, but doubles every day. It takes 60 days to fill the reservoir. How long does it take for the reservoir to become half full?
Answer: 59 days

June’s Puzzle: Friends

This months’ noodle-scratcher is as follows:

What do the following words have in common?


Answer: Each can have the prefix ‘CON’ to form a new word.

The user interface for HYENA+ is much cleaner and more user friendly than the UI used for the original HYENA program. This makes the experience more enjoyable, easy, and less taxing when using the program for long periods of time. HYENA is an excellent tool to have and its now web-based nature with HYENA+ has allowed it to become even more beneficial.

– M. Cummings

It has always been a pleasure dealing with ACADS-BSG team due to their helpful nature and quick response time to any inquiries and technical issues. Camel\Hyena works out of the box and install time is in seconds, I cannot recommend any other company that provides better customer service other than Catherine and her team.

– Marvin D

Catherine and the team at ACADS provide customer service of the highest standards always offering the best solutions for our business with fast response times. I would highly recommend ACADS-BSG.

– Amy

The ACADS BSG suite of software has been used by VOS Group for 30 years. We as a company have grown as the software capabilities have changed with usability and technology. The support from head office has always been quick and accurate, with a resolve to overcome any obstacles. We have always found the outputs to be accurate and reliable and a good basis for good engineering design.

– Shayne C

Moving to a cloud based platform has improved the overall performance of the software. [being able to log in from any device] has improved my overall productivity as I only need to carry my smart phone or a tablet, and I can do my job remotely. Tools and functions are clearly organised within the new interface reducing any confusion for a new user. Copy+ Paste option saves a lot of time for Engineers like me. It just works like an Excel Sheet, where you can copy items and paste them somewhere else. It saves a lot of time especially if you are working on a single project and you want to do multiple calculations.

[HYENA+] allows me to quickly switch from one calculation to another without losing any data. This has reduced the overall lead time in doing calculations. I am sure [HYENA+] will have a positive impact on the Fire Industry.

– Ahkil M