Driving Faster Progress with Digital Design - ACADS-BSG

April 22, 2021by ACADS-BSG

Put simply – digital design is any design created to interact with a digital device (computer, smart device, etc). This might sound simple, but how digital design is revolutionizing the way we construct and manage everything from aeroplanes to buildings is truly remarkable. Within the digital design world, graphic design plays a part. However, graphic design is more static in its output – a logo, brochure, something typically related to a print product. Digital design also takes into account the user interaction, and in conjunction with digital engineering, is transforming the building services sector.

Digital design for Building Services Engineers, allows for team members to develop, view, and iterate (in real-time) in a highly collaborative setting. Testing and tweaking are important processes of most industries, building services included. But tests and tweaks can be expensive undertakings in real-world conditions. Digital design greatly reduces risk, and better yet, radically increases efficiency. Because the relative data inputs are available, the combination of building services design software and similar technology can quickly produce reliable models. The speed and interconnectivity of teams across time zones is flattened, and the predictive nature (with increased data over time) becomes more and more accurate.
Building services engineers are consistently seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways to perform their work. Advanced diagnostic systems are made possible thanks to digital design, and the smart firms will continue moving in this direction over the coming years.

Here at ACADS-BSG, by progressively upgrading industry leading software to the cloud, we are laying the technological foundation to be at the forefront of future digital design for Building Services Engineers. This major overhaul promotes collaboration, integration, and efficiency which in turn saves you time and money.

The user interface for HYENA+ is much cleaner and more user friendly than the UI used for the original HYENA program. This makes the experience more enjoyable, easy, and less taxing when using the program for long periods of time. HYENA is an excellent tool to have and its now web-based nature with HYENA+ has allowed it to become even more beneficial.

– M. Cummings

It has always been a pleasure dealing with ACADS-BSG team due to their helpful nature and quick response time to any inquiries and technical issues. Camel\Hyena works out of the box and install time is in seconds, I cannot recommend any other company that provides better customer service other than Catherine and her team.

– Marvin D

Catherine and the team at ACADS provide customer service of the highest standards always offering the best solutions for our business with fast response times. I would highly recommend ACADS-BSG.

– Amy

The ACADS BSG suite of software has been used by VOS Group for 30 years. We as a company have grown as the software capabilities have changed with usability and technology. The support from head office has always been quick and accurate, with a resolve to overcome any obstacles. We have always found the outputs to be accurate and reliable and a good basis for good engineering design.

– Shayne C

Moving to a cloud based platform has improved the overall performance of the software. [being able to log in from any device] has improved my overall productivity as I only need to carry my smart phone or a tablet, and I can do my job remotely. Tools and functions are clearly organised within the new interface reducing any confusion for a new user. Copy+ Paste option saves a lot of time for Engineers like me. It just works like an Excel Sheet, where you can copy items and paste them somewhere else. It saves a lot of time especially if you are working on a single project and you want to do multiple calculations.

[HYENA+] allows me to quickly switch from one calculation to another without losing any data. This has reduced the overall lead time in doing calculations. I am sure [HYENA+] will have a positive impact on the Fire Industry.

– Ahkil M